• Annual dues for active membership $25.00 / year
  • Annual dues payable to the club Treasurer beginning March 1st
  • Annual dues deadline is June 1st
  • Those elected to active membership after December 1st shall pay $10.00 for one half year.
  • The dues for new members collected between March 1st and May 31st shall be credited for the new fiscal year, which begins June 1st..

Print the application form below and send to:

     Membership Chairperson,Linda Talkington
     3186 Arlington Ave
     Muskegon, MI 49441

Enclose your dues check payable to "Muskegon County Garden Club" along with the signed form.

Thank you.

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Muskegon County Garden Club Membership Application

Name________________________________Spouse Name_______________________


City__________________________________Zip Code___________________________

Phone________________________________Cell Phone__________________________

Email________________________________Birthday (MM/DD)__________________

Membership Requirements: Participate in 2 or more of the following:

     Civic Beautification Projects  ______     Hostess/Greeter  ______
     Ways & Means                       ______     Fund Raising      ______
     Calling Committee                ______      Publicity              ______
     Plant Exchange                     ______     Garden Therapy  ______
     Horticulture                          ______      Flower Design   ______
     Landscaping                         ______      Flower Show      ______
     Conservation/Environment   ______      Programs             ______

Tell us about yourself:

     Past or current member of any Garden Club?  ______  Where?________

     Are you a Master Gardener?  ______  Active?  ______  Year?  ______

     How did you hear about this Club?  ____________________________

     Comments, questions, interests, etc

Applicant Signature  _____________________________  Date  ________________


Membership Chairperson Signature  ______________________________________

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